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The healing methods of Dr Alexandre Zalmanov

The Dr Salmanov firmly believed that only a global but accurate approach to human health could bring a real benefit. It is out of the question to treat organs separately as each abnormal functioning of the system means that the entire organism is disrupted. The pratical work of Alexandre Salmonov provides the indisputable evidence of the truth behind his opinions. His book is a guide showing how to get healthy using the methods of Dr Salmanov.

It outilines the causes of disorders in phsiological rhythms and the bacic methods to rectify this. It also presents an effective approach to the treatment of allergies, various infections, infectious diseases, oncological diseases, rheumatisms and tuberculosis... etc. Also included are the methods of healing using hydrotherapy, treatment patterns and recipes for the turpentine baths.
The book is aimed at a very wide audience.

For the past 50 years the work of Dr Alexander Salmanov has been launched in different countries and translated into several languages. Those who wish to know more are always pleasantly surprised by his incredible transparency and the logic of his ideas which differ in many ways from those associated with traditional medicine.

The theory of Dr Salmanov was not accepted on a large scale, as it differs too mich from the common practice of medecine. But the number of followers of his methos grows year by year. Obviously this gives people a more lucid approach to the possibilities of surgery, traditional therapies and pharmacology.

Man is not just an organism, but a set of organs each fulfilling a well defined rôle. Each of us is a part of this universe, complicated and unique with an endless multitude of secrets. Dr Salmanov claimed that a full and detailed approach to human health can provide a real benefit. Such a perspective should replace that of traditional medecine, focussed of finding illnesses. Salmanov forbids the treatment of organs individually, as with each anomaly of the bodies' functioning disturbs the whole system. One can « mend holes » and get rid of unpleasant symptoms but this is a never ending battle as it is a fight against the symptoms of the disease and not its causes.

Alas, everyone wearing a white coat does not share the opinions of Dr Salmanov. They prefer to deal with the disease and not the person. An alternative approach to medecine, 'naturopathy' has been born from the limitations of the traditional approach. It studies the bpdies natural capacities to heal and support oneself. Naturopaths assume that traditional medicine and popular healing methods should be reduced to a common denominator. They see man as a coherent set of processes that are linked together as are bound the body and soul. That is why the psychic state requires the same amount of care as the physical body. But most importantly naturopaths believe that man is responsible for his own health. We can repair the damage in a way that allows to body to heal itself.


Alexandre Zalmanov was one of the brightest representatives in the medical field. The road followed by Zalmanov was not easy, diffucult even and it is surely because of this that there are many differing views of his scientific legacy. Certain consider he was before his time and even that he was a medical genius and others that Zalmanov and his theories are doubtful and do not stand up to criticism. But over the decades the interest in this man and his methods has grown and continues to grow. Alexandre (Abraham) Salomonowicz Zalmanov was born in Russia in 1875. After finishing college, he chose the path of medicine and was admitted to Mscow University. But already in his youth Salmanov was noticed for his criticism. The educational system and the teachers did not satisfy him. The professor Soczenov no longer worked during this period and the lessons with the students of the letter seemed of little use to him.

He ended up changing from medical school to law school in his fourth year. But even here he did not receive the education expected. The situation in the country became unstable and student circles found themselves concerned by political change. Zalmanov who was used to showing an active attitude, quickly found himself at the heart of the organization for the student strikes which spread throughout Russia. In 1899 he was arrested and expelled from the university.

Once he regained his freedom he no longer had the opportunity to continue his studies in the Russian capital and was forced to leave for Germany, Haidelerg where he studied medicine and graduated as a doctor. A little later he earned a Greek university degree. He was given his Russian degree upon his return to the country where he was able to finish medical shool in Kharkov.

After the October revolution, the new government quickly recognized the use and potential of physicians who had been out of favour during the Tsarzs reign. Zalmanov became the Principal Officer of the Council of SPA and taken the place of the head of the National Commission for the Fight against Tuberculosis. Lenin trusted him so much that he was repeatedly invited to treat Nathalie Krupska Ulianowa and Mary (wife and mother of Lenin). Lenin personally knew Zalmanov and appreciated his professionalism. One might believe that Salmanov had at this point received all that which he dreamt of : recognition, a good standing, the opportunity to practice and continue his scientific work. However, the thirst to stay active and contribute to medecine did not allow him to rest on his laurels. The doctor decided to continue to work of Augustus Kroghe (Nobel Prize winner for medicine in 1920) in the field of the physiology of the capillaries;

Salmanov worked extensively in libraries and laboratories of Europe and continued his studies. He was fluent in five languages and began to travel, visiting a larger clinical world to investigate the issue of blood capillaries and cellular metabolism. Dr Salmanov stated that any change in the capillaries is the basis for the development of disease. He was convinced that without analyzing their specific character, medicine is incapable of finding the true causes of disease and so restoring the body's lost balance. The works of Dr Salmanovs lifetime were published abroad in french and german. It was only in the year 1966 after his death that these books appeared in his own country;

Turpentine Baths

Zalmanov shared in his works the results of his many years of experience in the treatment of many long term illnesses. His theory on the unique rôle of the capillary netwok inthe development of diseases and its treatment process was the focuss of his work. This extraordinary doctor called to fight disease by stimulating the body's natural defense mechanisms. He believed that is was essential to act knowingly on the capillary network and the metabolic processes that depended on it. Zalmanov was not only the origin of this theory but he also proposed an effective method of putting it into practice by developing new methods of healing using water, the best known of such methods are the hot turpentine baths. The principles behind there action are rather simple – many sessions. Te baths with special blends of the turpntine solutions re-open the closed capillaries and improve cellular metabolism whilst also ensuring the blood supply to organs and accelerating the removal of waste deposits. In other words, health is restored to to the cells, tissues, organs and the body in general. Zalmanovs data shows that his methods using turpentine baths brought results even in cases so complex that methods of traditional medicine had proved totally ineffective.

The turpentine baths of Dr Salmanov have an impact on the entire capillary network. With the improved functioning of the capillaries the potential of each cell and the organism as a whole is increased. The Salmanov baths are part of physiotherapy, that is to say a method of naturopathy which does not go against the body's natural functioning. These methods enhance the body's natural ability of self healing. Turpentine baths also have other virtues, the most important of which being their accessibility. Any one can carry out the baths within their own home.

Dr. Zalmanov offers three types of turpentine baths: white, yellow and mixed. Their impact on ones health depends on the type of mixture that is used.

The white turpentine solution consists of : drinking water, purified turpentine resin, baby soap, salicylc acid and camphor. The white solution increase rhythmic contractions of the capillaries and have an action on the entire body. In this way each session becomes a kind of gymnastics for the capillary network. Blood flow to the lungs is increased, the combustion of deposits is enabled. Ligaments, tendons and thickened muscles lose their stiffness. During the session one may feel a tingling sensation.

The yellow turpentine solution consists of : drinking water, purified turpentine resin, castor oil, oleic acid and caustique soda. The yellow baths fight pathological deposits in joint cavities, in the tendons and ligaments also in the vitreous body of the eye, in the blood vessel walls and in the capillaries themselves. These baths lower blood pressure and melt deposits. During and after treatment, the patient sweats profusely.

Mixed baths are prepared using the two solutions, white and yellow. Due to the diverse composition of the two solutions, they offer a wide range of properties. During these baths we observe a significant anesthetic effect.

The author emphasizes that it is not advisable to mix a treatment of Salmanov Baths with other traditional healing methods, because the action of the capillaries is a stimuls for the body to self heal. And some of these traditional methods such as injections constitute an unforgivable breach of the organisms work. One action prevents the other.

Whichever bath you choose, the theory advocated by Salmanov remains compelling. The body suffers no violence. You just help fight the disease. It has a great healing power. Our role is to remove barriers blocking the way to regain lost health.

Note also that the Naturopathic approach requires a certain precision. We must realize that we are completely responsible for our own well-being. Before you apply the methods of Salmanov, it is recommended to analyze the theory and try to look at all these healing processes as they come from our own bodies, and more specifically our own consciousness. Listen carefully to your body, study the instructions and options carefully to choose which method of healing best suits you.

Once you are familiar with the theory and recommendations of Dr Salmanov, you will be convinced that the human body hides alot of untapped potential from which you can benefit.

Remember that the Salmanov baths, as with all healing methods, have some contraindications. Obviously the application of these methods of healing should in no way replace advised medical treatment or assistance. Zalmanov states that we should avoid frienzedly reaching for “life saving tablets” or unnecessary operations without any medical follow up or control. This widely known doctor firmly held the belief that regular medical examinations were essential especially for the elderly. The capillarotherapy is a way of mobilizing the body's own reserved forces thus enabling the organism to re establish a healthy balance. By combining this method reasonably with usual medicine we can obtain impressive results. © 2021