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The works of DR Alexandre Salmanoff

The Doctor Alexandre Salmanoff was born in 1875 and died in 1964.
A prominent Russian Dr explorer and philosopher, creator of the capillarotherapy. Known the world over for his work and it's availability to the general public, a cure of oil from the resin of the siberian larch (turpentine) named skipio.

Health and longevity, that is to say the cures of Baths.
In 1916 Professor August Kroghe (1874-1949) invited the eminent physician and scientist AS Salmanoff to work with him on capillarotherapy. They also worked on natural oils and their effect on the entire body. The Nobel prize in 1920 went to Augustus Krogh for the discovery of a mechanism to regulate the capillary network, this is a direct result of their joint research on the capillary network. At this point Salmanov finds himself alone. But that does not stop him from continuing to pursue his projects, as he begins the work of his lifetime, that is on the oils and the baths. He wanted to find a cure for all diseases. He believed that man should live to age 90 in good health and clear-minded. Salmanoff himself took regular baths with the essences of the baths (at every other day intervals).

During his activity, Salmanov opened several private hospitals to look after people by means of baths with natural oils, among others in France, in Switzerland(Swiss), and in Germany. Those who took these baths noticed tremendous results, especially in the cases of until then incurable diseases. He was soon known worldwide. Patients from all over Europe and America began to pour into his clinics. Even Hollywood stars have often benefited from these cures Among his clients can be counted eg WI Lenin, NK Krupska, R. Lukseburg. Whilst Salmanov was still working in Russia, Lenin himself had given him in person a right of way to Kremlin, to personally prepare the baths for him and his family. We should point out that at that time obtaining such authorization was almost impossible, even for those highly-graded in the army or in administration. This confirmed that baths were already a huge success even in his day. The number of people wanting to take care of their health was so great that the waiting time to receive these treatments was prolonged to two years.

He tested his method on himself and thus proved by his own personal experiences that oils of the Baths can be named a true elixir of youth and this remains the case until someone else can invent something better. Salmanoff died at the age of 90 and was never hospitalized. He was interested in women smoked cigars and wrote books up until the end of his life. © 2022