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Healing with an entirely holistic approach

Salmanoff draws attention to a holistic approach to human health, writing:
It is not permissible to heal organs individually because with each abnormal functioning of the organism, the whole system is disrupted. We can endlessly try to “mend holes” and treat symptoms. It is a struggled battle against the symptoms of the disease and not against its causes.

He later adds:

There exists no such thing as localised diseases or diseases of organs! It is the entire person who is ill. This is why local treatment does not exist - and more to the point, it has no right to exist.

He notes the undeniable role of the purification of the body:
In order to destroy the attack of the disease we must first open the path for elimination: we must cleanse the intestines, lungs, kidneys, skin and liver. We must also immediately open the closed capillaries, it is at this point that the movement of plasma is re-enforced. This will liberate residues and assimilate antibodies, enzymes, distases, oxygen and nutrients found in the bodies' reserves. The body will be purified and toxic substances will be eliminated.

He then draws attention to his vision to reduce “chemical” treatments, namely antibiotics.
If treatment is solely pharmaceutical, the body will loose certain microorganisms and give way to others. Never take antibiotics if you want to avoid long term illnesses. By destroying one bacterial strain, you leave the way for others which then penetrate the alveoli of the lungs and the bronchioles (weakened by the first invasion or microorganisms). Two to three times daily place warm compresses on the chest and every other day take hyperthermic baths.

The author recommends skipiotherapy in the form of hyperthermic baths or turpentine baths to cure:
neuritis, iritis, cyclitis, polio befor paralysis (in the case of paralysis it is advisable to use the 'mixed' turpentine baths), sepsis, effective results can be seen even in cases where antibiotics have failed to perform., pelvic inflammatory disease, rhinitis, gonococcal arthritis, malignant tumors (increased resistance in the patient, improved blood composition and a clear reduction of pain), all infantile infectious diseases (scarlet fever, measles, diphtheria), whooping cough, post whooping cough paralysis, pleural effusion, syphilis of the internal organs to the third degree (progressive paralysis, atrophy of the spinal soft tissue).

He emphasizes the ease and efficiency of their application:

There is no disease of bones or joints that could not be cured by bathing in turpentine. Care by turpentine baths can be practiced even in a very small apartment, we just need a bathtub.

For 50 years the work of Alexander Salmanoff is revived in different countries and has been translated into several languages.
Anyone wanting to know more is always surprised by the incredible transparency and logic of the ideas presented. , which differ in many respects to those of traditional medecine. According to Salmanov, humans are not simply a collection of organs each of which performing a well defined function. Every one of us is a part of the universe – complicated, unique, with an endless multitude of secrets. Dr. Salmanoff claimed that only a full and insightful approach to human health can make a genuine benefit. It is not good to treat only the organs separately, because with each anomaly in the work of the body, the whole system is disrupted. One can endlessly "Mend holes" and avoid unpleasant symptoms, but it's a fight against the symptoms and not against their causes. He also maintained that any change in the capillary network is a basis for the development of disease.
In his works, Salmanov shares the findings of his many years of experience in treating diverse long term illnesses. The theory on the exceptional role of the capillaries in the development of illnesses and his treatment process was the focus of his work. This extraordinary doctor called to fight disease by stimulating the natural defense mechanisms in humans. He believed that it was essential to act consciously on the capillary network and the metabolic processes that depended on it. Salmanoff not only was the origin of this theory, but he also proposed an effective way to put it into practice by developing new methods of healing with water, the best known of which are the hot turpentine baths. The mechanism of their action is particularly simple...repeated sessions. Baths with special mixes of turpentine open the closed capillaries and improve the cellular metabolism, whilst ensuring the supply to the organs and accelerating the elimination of deposits. The Salmanov baths with turpentine have an influence on the entire capillary network. Since the work of each capillary is improved, the potential of each cell and of the organism equally increases.

Salmanov baths can be classed as Physiotherapy and so a method of naturopathy ; and they do not go against the natural functions of the body. These baths have of course numerous qualities, notable their accessability. Virtually every patient can carry out the baths following the method of Dr Salmanov from the comfort of their own home. © 2023